Sanjay Vaidya
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A Glamour Photographer since 1985, Sanjay Vaidya, is a man of many tastes. He’s a lensman, publisher, filmmaker, art and music aficionado, traveler and a man in search of himself! His long and multifaceted career is the result of creative experiments and striving for new ideas constantly. As a publisher, he turns the spotlight on some of the most enduring icons of Gujarati literature. These books have stunning portraits and along with soul-soothing poetry. He started publishing in 2001 and since then he has compiled and edited the most cherished accounts of its kind. Sanjay grew up in a literary and intellectually stimulating environment! In his search for a creative self, he often found himself standing at an intersection where his thoughts can meet his expression. Although, being in a love-hate relationship with academics, he completed his graduation in English Literature & Post Graduation in Journalism. His professional journey began with photo-journalism and fashion photography. After spending major years of his life in the glamour world, he began his quest for a life in filmmaking to make the journey of life meaningful. He captures and publishes what strikes a chord within. He is still on a journey of finding his truth, as this discovery is a marathon, not a sprint. He has traveled extensively for various projects throughout India & foreign countries. His work has been published in various national newspapers & magazines. He has brought to the world of fashion & literature, a unique personal style that is immensely appreciated and widely imitated too. Several ‘one-man shows’ of his photographs have been held in Ahmedabad, Bombay, New Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda & Coimbatore at regular intervals.

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