Sundar Nadkarni
1 Book / Date of Birth:- 1938 / Date of Death:- 1994
Sundar V. Nadkarni was a Kannada poet, writer and professor, who was awarded Karnataka Sahitya Akademi for the fiction 'Mandi Mane'. He was the younger brother of Professor and Aurobindo disciple Mangesh V. Nadkarni.Sundar V. Nadkarni was born and raised in Bankikkodla, a village in coastal India. Sundar earned his high school diploma (1955) from the A. H. School a school from his village. Nadkarni was a Professor of English at Anand arts and science college, Anand, Gujarat. Later in the year 1985, he earned his PhD in English from the Department of English, Sardar Patel University.

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